Relieve your pain. Regain your life

We help productive people with pain to feel great and get moving using science-backed, drug-free physio advice, exercise and physiotherapy treatments honed over 29 years of experience.

Don’t avoid activity or put up with pain – get your problem properly properly with the right treatment, exercises and support for your issue so you can move on and enjoy life.

Physiotherapy Treatments

How much is pain costing you?

Is pain exhausting you by the end of the day?   Losing sleep?   Finding yourself impatient with family or workmates?   Life feeling out of control?

You don't need to put up with pain or soreness


from pain and soreness

Physio Advice
Physical therapy for pain management


damaged tissues

Physical Therapy For Pain Management
Heal properly after injury or surgery


movement and function

Physiotherapy Treatments
Be flexible and strong with physio exercise



Regain control
Get the life you want

Our physiotherapy treatments provide..

Pain management

Pain management

Settle joint pain
Ease muscle aches
Get nervous system working more normally

Faster healing

Faster healing

Repair damaged tissue quickly
Strengthen weak muscles
Increase joint and muscle flexibility

Rehabilitation for return to sport

Rehabilitation for return to sport

Restore flexibility
Regain strength
Improve coordination

Get you moving well

Improved mobility

Reduce stiffness and regain muscle length
Optimise normal muscle control and timing
Support good movement patterns

Feel great with hands-on treatment

Wellness and energy

Massage away stress
Rejuvenate tired bodies
Reawaken vitality

Physio Advice

You are the focus. We understand how important it is for you to get on with life – you haven’t got time to waste.  So we devote your entire physiotherapy session to you.

Be heard. Listening to your problem and the impact it has on your lifestyle is a crucial part of our 8-step process.

Accurate diagnosis. By carefully examining and testing your body and movement, coupled with understanding your description of the problem and its impact on you, we can diagnose the source of the problem accurately

Fix the source of the problem properly. Being clear on the diagnosis, using expert hands-on skills and a wealth of knowledge, we ensure that you get the physiotherapy treatment and physio advice that will address the real causes of the pain.

Our aim is to enable you to  do what you want as soon as possible.

Next steps

You need to feel in control of your health. We offer different levels of support to best suit your needs.

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What clients say about the clinic

10/10 would highly recommend! Amazing customer service and extremely professional!
Brandon R
Google Reviewer
…an ability to understand the issues I have, then apply her skills, then recommend what I should do at home to complement her treatment
Physical Therapy For Pain Management
Elizabeth Moore-Golding
Really friendly and great advice. Amazing service! Even after the appointment had finished.
Gregor D
Gregor D
Google Reviewer
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