3 Strategies to Ease your Knees from Pain and Soreness

Watch this webinar in several hours time.

Too many people resort to using medications for knee pain.

If this is you , you are missing countless opportunities to ease your pain without the unhealthy side effects.

In this exclusive 30 minute webinar, Leanne Yeung from Fit and Well Physiotherapy will explain the potential causes of your pain (and it’s not necessarily due to your age!) before telling you exactly what you can do to set yourself up for a healthier future with a more active and satisfying lifestyle.

Join Leanne to discover:

What factors affect the risk of knee pain

How knee pain develops

What are changes are due to ageing and what are avoidable

What you can do to ease or prevent knee pain now and in the future

About Leanne, specialist Pain Physiotherapist

Leanne Yeung

As pain physiotherapist specialist with a Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Leanne applies the concepts of pain management AND over thirty years of knowledge and skills in the assessment and treatment of muscles, joints, nerves and bones and the teaching of physiotherapists in Australia and the UK to get relief and management of their pain so that they can move better and feel great about their body and themselves.

People experiencing knee pain who actually follow through and do the recommended activities experience feelings of accomplishment, fulfilment, improved self-confidence and joy. Needless to say, they are ready to get moving and finding space in their lives for what they love to be and do!

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