Your well-being is our focus

Being recognised as one of only about 100 top physiotherapists in Victoria with the title of Pain Physiotherapist by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.  Our practice principal, Leanne Yeung, insists on focussing each physiotherapy session exclusively to you. It enables us to identify your concerns, explore all the contributing factors and understand the impact your problem is having on your life.

You will get long-term, not just give temporary relief, of your symptoms

Drawing on nearly 30 years of experience, ,specialist education and over 20 years of training physiotherapy students, our top physiotherapists have a developed an 8-step diagnostic tool to expertly assess your health issues.

We provide the treatment you need, in a way that suits you

Having seen people with significantly differing lifestyles we understand that everyone has specific needs in terms of their health and wellbeing.

With our  tailored solutions that don’t just treat you as a symptom to fix, but account for you as a whole person.

If you want to be treated in the comfort of your own home, we can offer online assessment and treatment that enables you to regain control of the management of your pain, and if you are living, working or often travelling to the inner suburbs of Melbourne, we can offer private physiotherapy near you.

Helping you move toward your goals

By getting a clear understanding of the lifestyle you want to live, and knowing the cause of your problem, our top physiotherapists will move you towards your goals.

As pain physiotherapists, we value the importance of making healthy choices easy. We provide you with treatment and advice to fit in with you and your existing schedules and routines. Giving you the confidence in a plan and programme that will  get you where you want to go.

You get to stay fit and well

With the appropriate treatment to relieve your symptoms, repair your body and restore your movement, you’ll feel a whole lot better. 

With our  tailored solutions that we adapt to your lifestyle,  such as a simple   exercise regimen, advice and support that easily works for you, you can stay healthy as well as get well.

You’ll move from good to great, and from tired to terrific.

Physio Advice

Why Fit and Well Physiotherapy


Eliminate, not just settle, symptoms -treat the cause

Using knowledge and skill to understand the injury, the pain and the factors contributing to the symptoms.


What, Where, How: We will chat with you about the problems you’re having, the symptoms you’re experiencing, and how you started developing the symptoms.


Our top physiotherapists will ask questions specific to your problems, body and movements to get an in-depth understanding of the contributing factors to the problem.


Using our knowledge and your answers, we'll generate possible causes of your symptoms and test the potential structures at fault to identify the source.


This private physiotherapy clinic will carefully check the appearance and alignment of your body and movement patterns to identify issues to address.


The parts of your body that hurt, and the parts which may reveal if the symptoms might be caused by another part of the body, such as your nervous system.


The way your body moves can indicate which tissues may be causing the problem(s) how severe the problem may be and how different body parts may be affecting the healing and function in other areas.


Specific tests to reveal whether structures are seriously compromised or whether the analysis needs further understanding of how much of the problem is due to the way you move, or the aspects of damage.

Treatment Selection

Based on the above findings, we decide on the quickest approach(es) to take to get you free of pain and feeling better.

Top Physiotherapists

Leanne Yeung- Pain Physiotherapist

Qualifications and experiences

Our founder and principal , pain physiotherapist Leanne Yeung, has more than 28 years of experience in in all facets of physiotherapy across private practice, community health centres and hospitals to become a top physiotherapist.
After completing her undergraduate studies in Melbourne in 1993, she won several scholarships to study abroad. She has a Master of Science in Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) from University College London, graduating as Dux, and has been a lecturer in physiotherapy (undergraduate and postgraduate students) at both The University of Melbourne and La Trobe University.
Treating conditions ranging from acute fractures and elite sporting injuries to chronic neck and back pain, Leanne enjoys the challenge of getting to the root of a person’s pain and alleviating suffering. Her goal is to restore her clients to a healthy state, allowing them to take control of their lives again.
Throughout her extensive career Leanne has maintained contact with a wide range of experienced, proactive health professionals so that she can further her own knowledge and refer clients on as required to ensure they receive the best possible care.
In 2019 the Australian Physiotherapy Association awarded Leanne the title of Pain Physiotherapist in recognition of her skills, experience and knowledge in the assessment, treatment and management of pain.

Philosophy & Vision

Being a mother of two and juggling work and parenting, Leanne understands what it’s like to be busy.

You haven’t got time to fluff around with fads, tips and tricks that don’t work.

At Fit and Well Physiotherapy, we do it differently.

From initial assessment to treatment and follow-up, the aim is to get you pain-free and in control.

To fix things properly.

If we do our job well, to a large extent, we do ourselves out of a job.

Because we want to do work that matters for the people we serve.

Physical Therapy For Pain Management

Great customer experiences

10/10 would highly recommend! Amazing customer service and extremely professional!
Brandon R
Google Reviewer
…an ability to understand the issues I have, then apply her skills, then recommend what I should do at home to complement her treatment
Physical Therapy For Pain Management
Elizabeth Moore-Golding
Really friendly and great advice. Amazing service! Even after the appointment had finished.
Gregor D
Gregor D
Google Reviewer
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