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Arthritis Treatment

When joints become inflamed, either through injury or a malfunction in the healing process, the body experiences pain and stiffness. Pain and stiffness can be debilitating, and can stop you from doing activities you enjoy. You may be wondering how long you’ll be able to keep working, or worrying about whether you’ll be able to really enjoy playing with the kids with that aching back, or if you’re going to manage climbing those stairs yet again. Physiotherapy can help, and we do the most to help you feel better.

Your joints are like the chassis of the car that takes the weight of the passengers. It has shock absorbers to minimize the stress on the moving parts that take load. If your shock absorbers are worn out, the weight-bearing parts will have to take the extra stress and become damaged. Your muscles are a bit like shock absorbers for our joints. When muscles become strong, they can absorb lots of shock so the load and stress doesn’t pass on to your joints. Your joints also have sensors that know your position and also detect pain. So if you don’t have as much shock through the joints, you won’t feel as much pain.

With our 8 step diagnostic process, our physiotherapists can work out where the wear and tear has occurred and detect which muscles need strengthening in the particular directions that will benefit you most. So that you can move again without as much pain. Taking the time to understand your routines as well as your body movements, we can help you to make changes to your lifestyle that will prevent you damaging your joints even further, but more importantly, help you get to doing what you want to be doing as quickly as possible.

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