Expert diagnosis and skill

You need to know that your health practitioner has the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure that you are in safe hands.

We get you pain-free so you can enjoy the things you need and want to do.

The physiotherapists at Fit and Well Physiotherapy have additional qualifications in Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Through this extra study, they understand more about the human body in the muscles, joints, nerves, and bones than the typical physiotherapist.

29 Years of Expertise

The practice principal, Leanne Yeung received a Bachelor of Applied Science in 1991 at Lincoln Institute/LaTrobe University, the only physiotherapy school available in Victoria at that time. She then worked for a few years as a physiotherapist in the acute hospital and public sector before winning 3 scholarships to complete her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) at University College London, an internationally-recognised university, where she learned from world renowned experts in the fields of pain and muscle physiology. This education has given her the opportunity to meet and share ideas and approaches to the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions from people all over the globe, including approaches not often spoken about in Australia. Returning to Australia in 1996, Leanne then applied her skills and knowledge to complex clients in the multicultural and challenging environment of the community health sector and also shared her knowledge with physiotherapy students at the University of Melbourne, tutoring in anatomy for undergraduate physiotherapy students. Leanne is also extremely experienced in being a lecturer in health promotion, educating students in the science and art of keeping people, not just making them feel better. She occasionally provides clinical supervision for undergraduate and post graduate physiotherapy students at present.

With plenty of experience

in working with people with chronic pain, or complex issues or multiple symptoms, and many others following orthopaedic surgery in the public sector, Leanne has had to develop creative approaches to getting people back to being healthy again in a holistic manner. In private practice at Fit and Well Physiotherapy, we have treated people from all walks of life – from Australian Olympic athletes and the top Korean soccer players to the seniors with the recent hip replacements. The tradie with the bad back, tired mum with neck pain, we’ve seen it all. We’ve developed the 8 step process to diagnose your core problem within the first or second treatment and put steps into place to have a clear and actionable treatment plan addressing the issues causing your particular problem.

Fit and Well Physiotherapy will have you feeling better in relatively few treatment sessions so you can get on with doing your the great work you need to do and enjoy and build on the relationships you have

Fit and Well Physiotherapy’s 8 step process


What, Where, How: We will chat with you about the problems you’re having, the symptoms you’re experiencing, and how you started developing the symptoms.


The parts of your body that hurt, and the parts which may reveal if the symptoms might be caused by another part of the body, such as your nervous system.


We will ask questions specific to your problems, body and movements to get an in-depth understanding of the contributing factors to the problem


To understand how much of the problem is due to the way you move, or the what has been affected by damage.


Using our knowledge and your answers, we come out with ideas as to why you are experiencing symptoms and work out a way to test the potential structures at fault.


Specific tests to reveal whether structures are seriously compromised or whether the analysis needs further understanding of how much of the problem is due to the way you move, or the aspects of damage.


Appearance, Alignment, Movement And Accompanying Symptoms


Based on the above findings, we decide on the quickest approach(es) to take to get you free of pain and feeling better.

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