Would you  like a strong, healthy future?

In the next few pages I’m going to “reframe” your reality … just a little — but enough to give you some big “Ah-Ha!” moments.

Enjoy life as you get older

I’m going to show you how to move towards a healthier (and probably happier) you.

Truth is … becoming stronger and more fit is simply a matter of scaling up activities that you’re already doing.

Break down any tasks that you do… and you get a number of movements that you can turn into exercises that can tone your tummy, tighten your butt or stretch your stiff body parts. 

Or — put another way — at least 10 movement patterns that squeeze in at least 10 repetitions (or reps) of an exercise in your day with hardly any extra effort.

If you can do 100 a day … then you have everything you need to squeeze in a regular exercise routine without even having to step outside your front door. 

You don’t need to go looking for any new “amazing programmes and gadgets”…

… you already have everything you need!

That, right there, should be your first big “Ah-Ha!” moment.

Here’s something else to think about…

Exercise doesn’t have to be time and energy- consuming.

In fact, it can be exactly the opposite, as I’ll explain on the next page.

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