Physical activities that form part of the normal daily tasks (otherwise known as incidental exercise) have been shown to make a difference to your life.
– even if it’s only 20 seconds at a time.

Professor of Physical Activity, Lifestyle, and Population Health at the University of Sydney, Emmanuel Stamatakis, recommends it highly:”Incidental exercise is a fantastic opportunity to do physical activity with zero time commitment. It takes away the biggest barrier [to exercise] basically”

..and  SHORT bursts of physical activities can give you more focus and results so you have more time to do the stuff that you REALLY want to do- it can even change your brain!

(neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki does just that in 12 minute video)-  Wendy Suzuki: The Brain-changing benefits of exercise 

If you are lacking energy and feeling exhausted, read this article about how exercise can actually help you increase your energy levels!.

I think  most people’s perceptions of what they need to do to become more fit and healthy is way out of alignment

If a healthy lifestyle involves making little tweaks to  your usual tasks of daily living-  like bending your knees a few times whilst you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, or parking that just that little bit further away than usual – then these small actions, supplemented by an activity that you enjoy doing 3 times a week that gets you huffing and puffing to activate your heart and lungs, may be enough to keep the doctor away.

Point is … this is not about convincing you to get some sweat bands and start jogging around the block several times this week. (unless you want to)…

… I’m simply using the above examples as illustrations of what’s possible for not much extra effort.. … and how the right approach to being active can get you there.

My aim is to “reframe” your perception somewhat … and then show you how easy it is to create routines to allow you to achieve that result.

Your ideal “heart-pumping activity” might be salsa-ing the night away, running after the kids or grandkids, or lots of hot and sweaty sex! choose!

The majority of “modern exercisers” are quelling their natural instinct to move and stay fit and well whilst they sit down in 9-5 jobs that they hate, hopping on cars or trains to save time getting from A to B whilst stressing themselves out to make in in time to get to the gym in time for the after-work fitness class that always fills up 10-15 minutes before the class actually starts.  


Because they think that’s what they need to do to survive the rat-race that “life” dishes up to them.

And the COVID19 pandemic is changing people’s perception of the importance of health.

With increasing pressure to stay at home in order to safe, it’s easy to feel cooped up with our wings clipped as we are spending long periods of time at home and minimising our dependence on outside activities and facilities.

In the next few pages I’m going to lay out a system that I use to thousands of my clients fitting in exercise that gets them feeling great and keeping the doctor away.

This simple system can allow you to stay fit and healthy, living anywhere in the world, without spending a bucketload of time forcing yourself to do something you hate doing just for the sake of keeping your doctor happy.

Let’s start..

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