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Injury Treatment

f you’ve recently hurt yourself, whether it be at work, sport or play, you might be finding it difficult to get around, or slow to complete the things that need to be done

Pain is the usually immediate problem. Often swelling can occur as well.

Knowing whether the damage is severe or not can also be a worry.

As physiotherapists for injury treatment, we understand how important it is to deal with an injury appropriately.

Taking the right action at the right time can make a big difference to the healing process.

Poor injury management in the early stages can lead to slower healing. Without the right treatment, you could have long-term issues that stop you enjoying everyday activities.
Simple movements could become difficult and strenuous, whether it be sitting watching TV, going for a walk, or playing in the park with your family or friends.

When the damaged tissues and the severity of the damage is identified you will know the next best steps to take to get on the road to recovery.

Using our 8-step process, our physiotherapists will diagnose your injury accurately.

As physiotherapists skilled in injury treatment, we can then advise and help you to take the appropriate measures to rid of your aches and pains, often in just 1-3 sessions for recent injuries. If we don’t think we can help you that quickly, we’ll tell you, and advise who might be able to help you best. For example, if you need physio for knee pain, you may require taping and exercises to get better if the problem is due to poor patterns of movement of your kneecap. However, if you have very severe degeneration in your knee, numerous knee arthritis physiotherapy might be of limited benefit and we may recommend you consider an opinion to an orthopaedic surgeon to decide whether a knee replacement may be worthwhile if you don’t show considerable improvement in a few treatments, and the exercises we provide will also help you to recover quickly if you do decide to go ahead with surgery.

The physio for knee pain, back pain or other injury may also include giving you the support and aids to be able and active again, such as training you to walk or run properly, get up stairs easily or even just to get off a chair comfortably.

This way, you’ll know that you are on the right track: back to enjoying all those things that you used to take for granted before pain or injury became the first thing on your mind.


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