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Physiotherapy Exercises

If you are looking for a way to take at least some control of your pain yourself, exercise is often a great place to start.

So who better to advise you on exercise for pain from muscles, bones, joints, and nerves than a physiotherapist who has studied their anatomy in detail, in addition to the study of human movement?

Physiotherapy exercises are likely to be the most safe you can get, particularly if they have been prescribed specifically for you.

And a good physiotherapist will not just look at the part that is in pain.

Understanding and analysing the way the whole body moves AND investigating specific structures that could be contributing to someone’s problems, your physiotherapist can identify most, if not all, of the sources of someone’s pain and then give you the physiotherapy exercises to heal your pain

For instance, physiotherapy exercise for knee pain might involve strengthening the muscles around the hip, addressing footwear that affect the alignment of the lower limb, including the kneecap, as well as exercises around the knee.

Suitable physiotherapy exercises for back pain may involve movements to return flexibility to the spine, increasing strength to the muscles around the “core” or stomach, and perhaps strengthening the trunk muscles.

With over 29 years of knowledge and experience, as well as teaching anatomy to physiotherapy students and graduates, the Fit and Well physiotherapists understand what structures might need strengthening or stretching to help overcome your pain or to regain your mobility. Using our 8-step process to accurately analyse how your body moves, we can work out the optimal positions, movements and loads to ensure that you will get an exercise program that suits YOUR particular goals.

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