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Heres a recap of what you will receive

VIDEOS - easy-to-do exercises taught in straightforward steps

VALUE  $100

EXPLANATIONS - No more worry about causing damage with exercise or movement whilst taking care of your health

VALUE  $150

ACTIONABLE ACTIVITIES - no-brainer moves to slip into your lifestyle to get and keep you strong and painfree B

VALUE   $500

ASK ME ANYTHING - your questions answered from an expert to the experts

VALUE  $1200

BONUS #1: Members-only Group - to connect for motivating support to stay CONSISTENT on the path to painfree


BONUS # 2: Specially designed programme for relieving knee pain 6 weeks of targeted science-backed activities for the confidence and courage to move well

VALUE  $1200

FAST-ACTION BONUS #3: 1:1 Online Physiotherapy Session to address the real cause(s) of your knee issues for LONG TERM pain relief

VALUE  $200

Sub Total

USD $3350

Special Package Offer Now

USD $599

Transformation[Order] - Painfree Knee

USD $599
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