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Sports Physio

When you’re injured, you can’t perform. It’s frustrating. You miss out on a key method for relieving stress, you’re deprived of a healthy way to expend energy to help you to perform at your best, and a strategy to help you prepare for your day or to wind down after a long day. Or you’ll possibly miss out on an opportunity to be part of the team or fun with the family or friends and all the positive energy and interaction that goes with playing sport.

We understand how tissues heal. Various tissues restore differently, so using our 8-step process, we work out which muscles, ligaments, bones and nerves are affected and assess the degree of damage so that we can apply the appropriate method to optimise the tissue’s way of healing itself.

Movement patterns can lead to the development of overuse sports injuries, so analysis of your movement during our 8-step process will help us work out the true source(s) of your problem so you can get to the root of the issues and fix your problems quickly and permanently. By getting an accurate diagnosis and a thorough treatment plan that addresses the degree of damage AND the source(s) of the problems with your movement and sporting issues, you know that you’ll be making a SAFE return to sport, work and play.
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